Complex Chronic Pain

Case History:
33 year old FP presented to an ASM® office complaining of constant moderate to severe pain in many regions of his body: back, neck and shoulder pain, knee and hip pain, constant jaw pain, excruciating migraines, constant fatigue, trouble sleeping, problems reading and studying. He said he felt unstable on his feet. He had seen dozens of specialists including orthopedists, physical therapists, podiatrists, and many chiropractors. His headaches began at age 6 when he was hit in the head with a baseball. His migraines were so bad he would vomit several times a week all through childhood. By age 14 his neck and back had become so painful he was having difficulty getting out of bed in the morning. By college his knees and feet were so troublesome he had two (unnecessary) bunionectomies. No intervention or treatment seemed to help him, and many made him worse.

FP responded well to ASM treatment. His biomechanical system was in a state of heavy compensation and due to the complexity of his injuries we had to move slowly through treatment. Also, he was a talented athlete and his spacial awareness was very developed. His system knew it was injured and was very protective. This is probably at least partly why he had been so poorly responsive to prior treatment.
Starting with the original injury we treated the triad of equilibrium and then recalibrated  his neck muscles. We moved on to stabilizing his core axial system and then balancing his whole body muscle system.

His Outcome Assessment Tools are as follows:
25 yrs of headaches: Headache Disability Index – 38/100 down to 0/100 in 22 visits
20 yrs of back pain: Oswestry – 30/100 down to 10/100 in 27 visits
20 yrs of neck pain: Neck Disability Index – 22/100 down to 2/100 in 10 visits

He has remained out of pain and biomechanically stable for a year now.