History of Axial Stability Method®

ASM® chiropractic began in the late 1970’s when David A. Newton DC in Wellesley, Massachusetts made path breaking insights into stabilizing the pelvis: what he called the “foundation” of the musculoskeletal system. He subsequently incorporated instrument assisted whole body correction patterns to recalibrate the muscle system. This, in combination with muscle monitoring and kinesiology principles allowed him to use chiropractic adjustments that were biomechanical in approach but specifically tailored to the individual through the use of kinesiology. In this way he stumbled upon a synthesis of techniques that was greater than the sum of the parts. This opened up a world of possibilities for a whole-body biomechanical approach.

Dr. Lydia Knutson
His student Lydia Knutson DC, further developed the technique in the fertile environment of the Lydian Center for Innovative Health Care, which she founded in 2007 in Cambridge, MA. By incorporating advanced energy kinesiology techniques, largely influenced by kinesiologist Charles T. Krebs, PhD, she dramatically increased the precision by which biomechanical information can be conveyed in a chiropractic adjustment. This expanded the possibilities for recovery from even very complicated and longstanding injuries.