About Axial Stability Method - For Doctors

Axial Stability Method® (ASM®) chiropractic treatment is an exciting new chiropractic approach with 2 central orientations:

  1. the chiropractor as whole-body “biomechanic”
  2. the chiropractic adjustment delivering recalibrating biomechanical information

Firmly rooted in the grand chiropractic tradition of subluxation based structural intervention, ASM combines elements of well-known low-force chiropractic techniques, as well as other advanced energy kinesiology techniques. It is a highly systematic method requiring consistent application and careful attention to detail in clinical practice. Though it is a demanding technique to learn and practice, it has won an enthusiastic and loyal following with patients.

ASM® Training Program for Chiropractors

We are offering a modular ASM training program for chiropractors that will involve hands-on seminars and web-based training. The program is designed to enable practicing chiropractors to use ASM in their practices in a step-by-step fashion. It will consist of 12 modules taught over the course of a year (analogous to the AK basic 100 hour course). The hands-on seminars will be taught in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The first seminar is November 9-12, 2017.

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