ASM Training Program

Starting Spring 2023

We are developing a 7-9 module training program in Axial Stability Method, to be offered through Life University beginning in Spring 2023.  

Course Syllabus

Module 1

Introduction to ASM, Lateral 0cciput/C1-sensory integration


  • Overview of ASM 1-2-3
  • Introduction to sensory integration
  • Triad of equilibrium
  • Introduction to Serola theory of sacroiliac/whole body nutation/counternutation


  • Diagnostic use of an indicator muscle
  • Evaluating and treating sensory challenges using Continuous Record Mode
  • Correcting Lateral Occiput/C1 in all developmental positions


Module 2 

ASM Foundation Step 1+2, Pelvic Compensation and Pause Lock/Jaw Stack

Review use of Indicator Muscle and Lateral Occiput/C1


  • Pause Lock (PL), Jaw Stack (JS)
  • Serola Theory as applied to Step 1 nutation/counternutation compensation lesion
  • Determining pelvic compensation (PC) – signs and symptoms


  • PL/JS with laterals and sensory challenges
  • Pelvic Compensation (PC) signs – muscles and postural analysis
  • 10-point pattern of pelvic correction using instrument adjustment
  • ASM Step 1 + 2 using SOT chiropractic wedges


Module 3

ASM Foundation Step 3 and Viscerosomatic Correction of Ileocecal Valve Pattern of Neuromuscular Stress

Review of PC signs, pause lock (PL) and jaw stack (JS), ASM Step 1+2


  • Chiropractic use of conception vessel/governing vessel acupuncture meridians in stabilizing pelvic foundation
  • Steps 3 a, b, and c of pelvic correction
  • Cranial hold with stimulation of Conception Vessel (CV) 17
  • Viscerosomatic Reflex Pattern (VSRP) overview with theory and application to common and vexing neuromuscular challenges


  • Accessing conception vessel and governing vessels (CV/GV)
  • ASM cranial hold
  • Steps 3 a, b, and c of pelvic correction
  • Correction of Ileocecal valve (ICV) viscerosomatic pattern


Module 4

Muscles of Counternutation – Phase 1 whole body anti-gravity pattern

Review of Step 3, cranial hold, VSRP ICV pattern


  • Muscles of counternutation – Phase 1
  • Corrections supine, sitting, standing
  • Centering dimension: centering reflexes, gluteal and foot pressure sensors


  • Phase 1 complete correction all positions
  • Centering reflexes, gluteal and foot pressure sensors


Module 5

Muscles of Nutation – Phase 2, Posterior Sacrum (bilateral nutation injury)

Review of Phase 1, Centering reflexes


  • Muscles of nutation – Phase 2
  • Corrections, plus expanded corrections, supine, sitting, standing
  • Posterior sacrum – symptoms and findings
  • VSRP pancreas pattern and its relationship to Posterior Sacrum


  • Phase 2 complete supine, sitting, and standing
  • VSRP pancreas pattern correction
  • Posterior sacrum


Module 6

Myofascial and Etheric Foundations, Axial System in Motion

Review of phase 2, posterior sacrum, VSRP pancreas


  • Myofascial foundation (MF)
  • Etheric foundation (EF)
  • 20-point pattern
  • Myofascial foundation and the ICV
  • Managing the axial system – supine, sit, stand, stride, step up, down, etc.


  • Diagnosing MF and EF
  • 20-point pattern
  • Phase 1 and Phase 2 muscle corrections


Module 7

Course Review, Practicum, and Testing for Certification

  • Course review
  • Systematic practicum of entire course with table assistants
  • Written and practical testing for ASM certification



Advanced Modules for Long Covid Protocol


Module 8 

Energetic Systems


  • The Etheric Body
  • Acupuncture Meridian System
  • Chakras
  • Acupressure formatting
  • Hand Modes
  • Specific Indicator Points


  • Etheric Foundation corrections: BEST, Tibetan 8’s, Heart Self
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Hand modes
  • Acupressure Formatting, Rectus Capitii


Module 9

Viscero-Somatic Reflex Patterns (VSRP)


  • Hara Zones, abdominal diagnosis
  • Immune Patterns, signs and symptoms
  • Occipital Zones
  • Thoracic Concordances


  • Long Covid Post Viral Pattern:
    • ICV modified
    • Spleen-Respiratory Pattern
    • Liver Pattern
    • Pancreas Pattern
  • Combo vs Combo SI
  • Spleen-Stomach-Respiratory Pattern
  • Allergy Pattern