Developmental Breakthrough

Case History:
When MLC began Axial Stability Method® treatment he was 15 months old and barely eating enough to stay alive. He seemed to be having a hard time swallowing and had no appetite. He was still nursing but his suck was weak and he had never had a good latch. He had had tongue tie surgery twice but it still took an hour to feed him anything, with constant distractions, and sometimes almost pinning him down to get him to open his mouth. He would gag if his tongue was even touched. He was always hungry and fussing but just wouldn’t eat. Everything was worse when he got a cold, and he was sick all the time. He had been born at home, in an un-medicated easy birth. He had normal milestones, slept very well and was an excellent, cheerful communicator. Mom had tried “everything” to help him: trips to the pediatrician, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, and homeopathy. Nothing had helped. Mom also noted that his left eye seemed more shut than his right eye.

MLC’s Axial Stability Method evaluation revealed biomechanical injury to the left side of his neck and a compression of the left side of his cranium. ASM treatment started with recalibrating his neck muscles along with his swallow and gag reflexes. As the injury to his neck healed, the muscle organization of his suck-swallow-breathe reflexes started to integrate. Gradually after a series of treatments, he began asking for food, pointing at food, and finally after even more treatment eating food. We had to work biomechanically with his neck, cranium and jaw. Along with this work his immune system began to self-regulate and he stopped getting sick all the time. He is now a delightful and normally developing 3 year old.