Post-Surgical Chronic Back Pain

Case History:
KJ has been under ASM® care for 6 years. She originally presented with overall severe back pain and low back instability, bilateral sciatica, L groin pain, bilateral shoulder pain and her hips were “killing” her at night. This episode of pain had been going on for 25 years. The pain was constant and worsened as the day went on. It was making it difficult for her to walk, bend over or lift anything.  She had given up many activities including gardening and house keeping. Her original pain began sometime in high school after someone pulled a chair out from under her. By her early 20s she had had back surgery, which was temporarily helpful. But several years later her back began to deteriorate and during a PT session she blew out a disc. This was the beginning of 3 more surgeries. She had two additional abdominal surgeries about 10 years later. In addition to the surgeries, she had tried cortisone injections, acupuncture, massage, and PT.

KJ made phenomenal progress with ASM treatment and her nearly 40-year battle with back injuries is largely over. But the path wasn’t easy. Working with a system as compromised as hers is a delicate process. ASM works with the brain body system to restore health. It is a gentle coaxing, and dialoging with the body to find the next area of priority for healing. This can be a long journey, especially in the presence of such invasive intervention. The first two years of treatment were spent stabilizing her structural system from top to bottom, balancing muscles, and dealing with her abdominal surgeries. Every visit she marveled at some new activity she could do. Vacuuming, standing in the kitchen cooking, making a 10 hour car ride, taking walks and gardening! The last 4 years she comes only when she “lifted a 20 pound turkey” and wants to be sure her back is OK.